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I feel your touch, under my skin

Where you stop, that's where I begin

I'm feeling weak, take pity on me

This isn't love, it's dangerous

I bare this cross, I am immune

Desensitised, be kind and be cruel

I will abide, you make the rules

This isn't love, it's dangerous

My hands are tied, admitting defeat

You have corrupted, the innocent me

I didn't fight, it was always beneath

This isn't love, it's dangerous

This isn't love, it's dangerous

This isn't love, it's dangerous

I'm tangled up, beautifully crushed

I'm torn to pieces, scattered like dust

I am addicted, to the limits you push

This isn't love, it's dangerous



I felt my way, into the dark

I am converted, I treasure my scars

Once your creation, now I'm in charge

This isn't love, it's dangerous

This isn't love, it's dangerous

This isn't love, it's dangerous 

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