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In Arms

Utwory wykonawcy:


Another day goes by Darkness comes with no warnings Another tear falls from her eye A mothers son lost to the morning The winter rains, aim to wash away her fears Floods of pain, he's been away for 3 years My bones ache, I'm sorry mother I fear it's to...


Best friends for a long time I never wanted to state my mind Forever great-full, time well spent Times change, don't live with regret All these thoughts race round my head They split apart fray at the ends They never heal, they never END Gracefully we...


Days so short, Can barely catch my breath, Waiting here but theirs nothing left, Reflections, Staring at the ceiling, Stood in the open, A fly on the wall Years you've thrown away that's what she said, Ungrateful, a waste of space, Spread me out amon...


Stargazing, feels like eternity, After everything that you said to me, Held my breath until i was suffocating, The rage you bring, This hostility i can barely see, The pain you bring, It's building up inside of me, It's building up inside of me I wish...