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[Freddy Madball]
We are the realest, we live what we say
Our beliefs are absolute, we carry on the legacy
Bona fide, respected, our names speak for themselves
Our beliefs are our strengths in heaven and hell

[Jamey Jasta]
Don't say that we're jaded or part of the elite
And don't ever consider us part of your scene
Cuz we've outlived trends and never conformed
To you or your standards, we're claiming what's ours

[Pete Morcey]
The weak are the ones who need to proclaim
All this shit they would never say to our faces
They judge us like cowards having never known
Who and what we've stood for, for many years strong

[Paul Bearer]
We've paved this path for so many to follow
Carrying on this tradition with honor
This life was chosen, our words comes from the heart
Long live this brotherhood until death due us part
Fuck those who oppose

[Jamey Jasta & Ice T]
Motherfuckers show respect
You got to give it to get it

[Al Barr]
Our impact is forever felt, blood bound friendship
As heaven's witness
Respect all those who came before us
Our place in time engraved in the world

[Al Barr and Roger Miret]
Still we fight, to salvage and remain
Fuck those who oppose
This is our lives
This is more to us
More than you'll ever know
So show your respect, prove your allegiance
Fuck those who oppose

[Lord Ezec (AKA Danny Diablo)]
We are the ones who bled for the scene
Hardcore 4 life, straight from the streets
The good the bad the ugly and proud
Creating sonic chaos, playing it loud
This code of brotherhood, stands strong
This code of brotherhood, in memory of those who are gone
Real recognizes real, let the haters hate
Cuz it's survival of the fittest and there's no escape

[Ice T (AKA Iceberg)]
Icepick punk bitch, blood in the mosh pit
Dump with a full clip, masters of this hard shit
Roll with the ill click, blast ya with the four fifth
Straight out explode your dome and go home, POW! 

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