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Iced Out

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Cheat Card

My heart is a car crash Twisted fucking wreck My heart is a car crash Everyone is dead My life is a pointless thing Pray for death to silence me I won't be saved, embrace the grave My heart is a car crash I've just spilled my loved ones blood My heart...

Dead Men

Soulless dying entity, cold is the air to breathe. No hope to see the winding road. No treasure no fortune in gold. You can't sail for free, your blood bound to the sea. Where's your sense of adventure? Enjoy the deathly silence. Let the tortured sleep f...

Eyes Out

I wanna see them bleeding from out their fucking eyes I wanna hear you screaming, the human race I despise 

Gold Dust

A bread line Is what separates them from us There's no time For them to help the poor There's no luck Just a silver spoon in your mouth It's a fucking crime We all know it's not gonna change Replace my lips with razor blades Kissing becomes fun agai...

No Saviour

I am in no way a crusader and there shall be no eternal light.... For those who swear the immaculate, it's all a fucking lie 


I can't sleep, architect of wicked dream. No rest for a wicked man. I feel the hauntings changing me. The dark reality is your head on a fucking platter. To the gallows with this shit... Tie the rope, be done with it. I can't sleep, this world's a fuckin...

The Path to Hatred

Midnight air so fresh and dreamy on her own, finding home taken on impulse a wicked thought my families broken now she's gone I will find who's done this I will put them on their knees I will find who's done this Their life is mine to take when I please...