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Ice Princess

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Enthralled by the tales of the ages told Enthralled by the creatures of the icy cold Enthralled by the tower where the bells toll Enthralled by the Phantoms conjured from my soul! Enthralled by the whispers and the heresies Enthralled by the judgmen...

Eternal Night

Light I awake from eternal night Heart still burns, explodes from the ice I return, now I shall fight Sight returns to my eyes I step forth into the light Enemies, all I will smite Crush evil with all my might Soon I will hunt again Light...

Hour of Revenge

Now is the hour I can feel my power I will seek my revenge I can hear the Angels Calling from these strange hills I will cut off his head Phantoms come and tend me Ecstasy will send me Blood will run from my lips 

The Conjured Phantoms

Come forth to me from my dream Step out from the underground From my sleep Send forth to me ancient creed Abide with me while I weep Come forth to me From my dream Step out from the underground From my sleep What was cannot be But I rem...