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I Used To Be A Sparrow

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I cannot stand that look in your eyes, So I sit back and wonder why I run in loops and I can't stop I run in loops and I can't stop and I can't stand no more "falling on my knees". But i won't let go I won't be long before I see That I won't forget ,...

Always The Runner

I´ve got this big hole in my head
 and I filled it with things that don't belong there 
I´m always the runner
 even if you
 create a home for me. And then I dive into something 
that I really don't know anything about
 Just give me a kick man
 so I know wha...


Maybe you don't know me, but I would jump blindfolded just to see If the fall would crush me down or if the wind will take me somewhere now. This isn't what i long for. This isn't what I'm looking for. I tried to bring it all down here
but its caught in b...


...and this summer ends with a bang. You can see the autumn leaves, leaving its place. I know that you found what you were looking for. Something else going faster than this slow-beating heart. 


Its always something
stuck in between 
I can't seem to get it right 
been chasing ghosts here before 
oh so many times before its like it had me already from the start
 all caught up inside 
If these trees could talk
 i would stay here forever don't fo...


I´m gonna build myself a new home far away from this gonna leave a door open for anyone to come in and eveytime the sun comes up i wonder what it feels like to wake up where you are to be there where you are everythings not lost it just takes me a li...


oh when the morning light comes you´ll see i´m not glowing I always held my head up high watching the world from the rooftops but something else came along and changed my view as you look for heart and desire I look for everything else oh when the mor...

I've Got The Feeling We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

Remember those rock and roll songs and endless nights. Remember the burning fire we held so tight. Those candles that we lit forever ago The echoes of our steps as we move forward. Our racing hearts , they skip before the fight, We'll let september take t...


Won´t you please 
unlock these chains.
I wanna get out of here 
before the world fucks it up. 
Its not always like this you know,
my thoughts always find their way back home.
While you undress me with your honesty
 I still think its lame to wait for something...


Must have been something
 that I kept inside. 
That wanted to get out of here.
 Cause now every word has got your name, 
its all glowing inside, glowing in here. We move like wolves on the run 
chased by the morning sun. I remember how we killed the night

Let go

and here we go again and I'm drunk as hell and the sky is not as bright as it used to be. Why can't I let you go forever and here we go again but there´s nothing left all the city lights have gone black oh, why can't I let you go I will sink to t...

Life is good

We move like shadows in the night, keeping it simple. We move like sparrows in the spring, and everything is alright. Life is good today, don't you worry, no. Every direction is a new way home. We move like shadows in the night, on the streets where we used to...

Moby Dick

I think i found it way out, lost at sea oh these things never last i´ve got it all in this head somewhere something found, something missing I can´t keep the track of time i think i´m losing it now I thought It was the only way out and there´s never a...

On / Off

On and off you can see the lights go on and off
 and inside my apartmen t
you´re like a stranger in the night. 
I know you don't care 
if the words comes out right 
Cause i´m just someone 
just someone Save everything 
that you were talking about 

Skinny Leaves

While we count everything that we forgot 
you and I, we shake like skinny leaves
 I noticed something about you
 that couldn't be seen
 before this box of mine 
opened up. Are we going to the place soon - 
that we used to dream about.
 Are we feeling ever...


We denied every last line in the hope to make it fade away, over reacting like the last time that i saw your face as you walked away. And as I am burning down the evidence, the smoke turns into the ghost of you. Every now and then I pray for the rain to come d...

Spring Knows Where You Live

Tell me everything
, tell me all at once. 
I´m getting bothered by the light of the sun.
 Tell me everything 
that I need to know
 cause then we sink into the ocean. This is not what we wanted, no. 
but this is what we turned it into I´m running for bett...


I've been living in a submarine all along, but it's quite alright. I've been living in a bubble beneath the sea, but If felt just fine until I looked up and stared at the sunset. Until I woke up, and wanted something more. We had it all, you and I. I've be...

This thing

Tonight I've been dancing this night away, cause everything feels so good. I've been waiting on everything to arrive. Your eyes are keeping me floating in the open see, and the lights are drawing the shoreline where we are shaking our dancing heads. Your eyes...

Warpaint On Invisible Children

Far away from this factory town we won't be surrounded. I run into this with burning eyes searching for that one thing that i know you hide. You know, these things... they hurt. Far away from this empty hole we will find just everything. I know you feel i...

White Flags

I could be the one to give you all the answers or I could be the bearer of bad news I could be the madness coming your way now or I could be the change you were craving But now we're running out of options I'm sick of stumbling in the dark Now we're wai...