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[Verse 1] Why keep it simple? Send me 'round the bend and back again Why make it easy on ourselves? Why keep it simple? Just leave me hanging here, here in thin air [Pre-Chorus] I wanna be away from you Wanna text and call, get no answer at all I wan...

Starts with a Hit

Innocence, what you see is never what you get, what you get You know that Yeah, you know that It all makes sense, I just couldn't see beneath the mask, neath the mask You know that Yeah, you know that Move with it, go for it You can try loving it, but...


[Verse 1] I don't want to, wanna to haunt you I got my own ghosts Though you dissapeared into thin air I know you're there I guess you don't mean to hurt me But that's what you're doing You wanna do right, but you're just making it worse [Bridge] Don'...