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Hurricane Smith piosenki

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Don't Let It Die

The mountainside, the flower grows The riverside where the water flows forever The jungle life of mystery The wide and graceful history of life Don't let it die Don't let it die The tiger's free, the kangaroo It's up to me and up to you What we see i...

My Mother Was Her Name

She was the inspiration of her home With music all around An out of tune piano, trumpet, drum, and fife To see her family all together Would be the sweetest sight and sound That's just about this simple story of her life The sort of sad, yet somehow hap...

Oh Babe (What Would You Say)

Have I a hope for half a chance, To even ask if I could dance with you? you hoo! Would you greet me or politely turn away? Would there suddenly be sunshine on a cold and rainy day? Oh, babe! what would you say? For there are you, sweet lollipop, Here am...

Who Was It?

Who was it that caught you falling And put you back on your feet Who was it that tripped you any way (In order that the two of us would meet) It was me and I'll tell you why Oh! I did it because of my Pure unabashed devotion to loving you Who was it tha...