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I Love Only You

''I Love Only You'' I love you ,you're pretty I love you, you're eyes I love you, oh baby Please comeback Baby you all i love and all i can in my life you are me best friend in this live Please remember me see a my love to you Baby, have me now I...

Lime Cigarette

''Lime Cigarette'' Today i feel very bad I don't have any ways because i don't have job They don't care about us Something in me is on fire Where's the love Where's the live Where's the world who love all us Today i shoot to sky Lime Cigarette T...

Manchester United

''Manchester United'' Today when is eight o'clock I go to Old Trafford I admire beauty of this town of this club Glory,glory Manchester United! The devils are red The club is only one Man,Man,Man is United... I am on the grass See this stadium...