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God Compare

God Compare! God Compare! When blood must flow, we're in the know with God compare! Find out which gods selection offers the best protection Should you sacrifice a man to the god of your clan Or to the god of thunder, now would that be a blunder If a batt...

The English Kings and Queens

[ William I ] I'm William the Conqueror My enemies stood no chance They call me the first English king Although I come from France 1066, the Domesday book I gave to history So fat on death my body burst But enough about me To help remember all your ki...

The wives of Henry the VIII

Divorced, beheaded and died Divorced, beheaded, survived I'm Henry VIII, I had 6 sorry wives Some might say I ruined their lives... Catherine of Aragon was one She failed to give me a son I had to ask her for a divorce That broke her poor heart of cour...

Theme Tune

Terrible Tudors, Gorgeous Georgians Slimy Stuarts, Vile Victorians Woeful Wars, Ferocious Fights Dingy Castles, Daring Knights! Horrors that defy description Cut-throat Celts, Awful Egyptians Vicious Vikings, Cruel Crimes Punishments from ancient times...