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Black Leather & Hard Cocks

Grim and burly men Dressed in leather Riding each other hard The smell of vaseline And bestial grunts All-male orgy The perfect ritual Black leather, hard cocks For the glory of Satan Shiny boots Whips and chains Bondage gear In good use Unhol...

Gay Black Metal War

Gay black metal war Gay black metal war Heteronormative World will be over When we ram our Iron fist in its arse Gay black metal war Gay black metal war Insane devoted War-horde Killing and raping Every one who opposes us If man lies With anot...

Nailed on the Cross

Son of a whore A male prostitute Called yourself a god Now your time has come Nailed on the cross Penetrated by roman soldiers Raped on the cross Ass left gaped and bleeding False saviour Fallen idol Blood will be your Only lubricant Nailed on t...

Sodomites of Satan

Phallic destroyer Rock hard and full of rage Blasphemous penetrator In acts against nature Our terror rains upon heavens As our blackened seed Rape is our weapon In war against the angels Leaving a trail of blood And mutilated corpses Possessed sol...