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Hell's Coronation piosenki

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Throne of Eternal Perdition

I open my eyes, make the pain of the soul Blows me cold of the dead silence Semblance of life, appearances acts I feel ghastly hunger Like a bastion with furrows of elements I not bend my knees, I not bow my head I leave behind a garden of bones Moral c...

Tormentor of Cross Worship

I ravage and mow the earthly fallow I stride and mow the human weeds Pain and desperation, scream with fear Stream of suffering I pour them I walk between blind eyes I look down, up and one side I hear sounds of tangled mouth I throw shadow of the horns...

Worm Circulates in Me

And circulates in me, circulates wildly Worm who don’t want to die And deeper and harder my worm’s poking In the swamp of tomorrow Sweating and stinking gift of life And moon shakes when sun burns Because the worm dull the blade But the ashes he leaves...