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Hannah Hart

Utwory wykonawcy:

Ash Again feat. James Warburton

I'll draw myself to you through the dark Like a moth to your blame to my shame I'll warm myself on you as you burn Watch the embers grow out of the flames But you'll fade You'll fade to ash again But you'll fade, You'll fade to ash again You held me...

Oh, Internet

OOOH INTERNET OOOH INTERNET this constant refresh well they say it's the death of us, baby but I like what you do and the way that you change on the daily when I walk down the street only strangers I meet but I can shake loneliness in just a tweet...

You're the 1z feat. Dave Deys

This is a song about pajamas. lyrics yes onesies are pajamas you wear them daily and that's fine by me you're the 1Z 4ME i'm ready to get to the root of this don't wanna vegetate that's ludicrous don't mean to agitate ya but it's in ya nature...