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Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

Utwory wykonawcy:

A 1000 Times

I had a dream that you were mine I’ve had that dream a thousand times A thousand times, a thousand times I’ve had that dream a thousand times I left my room on the west side I walked from noon until the night I changed my crowd, I ditched my tie I watc...

In a Black Out

I live in a nameless town No need to wander around I live in a nameless town In a black out Many friends have said goodbye Paraded out in one proud line I say they all just lost their minds Midnight where we used to dance Underneath the ugly halogen...

When the Truth Is..

I was drowning out the night with the last of the wine And my story began to unwind So I gathered all the shards of a glass from the bar And I left from 17th Street for St. Marks Won’t you listen to me now? I was trying all the time Maybe half the time...