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He's itching for a tongue in the mouth

Don't stop 'til the teeth have all come out

and his gums are raw

from blowing sugar over straw

And so it goes for sticks and bricks

melting candles with burnt-out wicks

forgotten toys and a lack of poise

from a clown that couldn't bring you joy

I couldn't bring you joy

(My core is cold)

(My body's on fire)

He's speaking with a hitch in his breath

You're listening with a right to be distressed

As the bomb goes off

Your poor open heart will drop

"I'm a wilted rose

You're the pruning shears

I am blind and deaf

You're my eyes and ears

if my name is called on that Final Day

I hope ill look around...

And I won't see your face"

A grease spot,

cement rocks,

Where you lost your hold

In a dark pit,

let the weight sit

Think of all that he stole 

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