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She's wearing glass slippers tonight.

One slid right off without a fight.

My word is, I'll track you down.

"Yeah, I'm sure you'll find me, but I can't sit still. My gears are winding. I need to drink a beer, and pop some pills, and lay on my bedroom floor."

"This feels like sailing in a storm. I can't resist the swell is warm."

With swiftness, be sure you'll drown.

But if I know the sea, you will drift up by the beach. I'll roll my slacks to the knee,

And I'll pry at that shell 'til I'm holding the pearl that you are

"Just tell me where to sign

I need every day to feel this fine.

If every day, the sun would shine like this..."

(Oh yeah, I heated up that propane as hot as she'd go

Then I closed that wicker gate, and sweet Mary, we rose too high)

If this beauty pushes on, who's the beast and who's the fawn?

Shall we dance until real life pulls

us from a dreamer's tale?

Or will fate and chance and faith prevail?

I'm prepared for a cliff dive. We love and we live, or we've died.

We're miles too high

I won't let them knock us down

We're speeding too fast

I won't let them slow us down

We're going so strong

I won't let them stop us now

Darling, now, could we go somewhere only we know? 

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