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I've been living on borrowed money

because it seems I've failed, honey,

at taking care of my business

Lord knows, you've born witness

to my pitfalls

We've gambled, won, and lost some

The chances missed

How they've come and gone

We'll get by

I promise, firefly

I walk a road paved in debt

that I can't get in front of

M., forgive me what I'm lacking;

a balance that's subtracting again

Fist over fist,

work up the bat

We'll find a way to fill the sack,

and we'll get by

I promise, firefly

"I tried so hard

A push you can't contest

I know I gave my best

And I'll never understand

how you turned and bit the hand

that gave with love upon demand

I got you by,

through all the lean times

the stop signs

the stress lines

the thin dime

I'll get by on my own time" 

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