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Gun Mob

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Brot und Spiele

Verrückt vom kollektiven wahnsinn krank von individueller depression so will ich nicht tanzen gehen ich bin nicht der phönix aus der asche Der sich bei seinem höhenflug die flügel verbrennt Beim tanz um das goldene kal hole ich mir keine blasen 

Desperate but Armed

Do you really think that the capitalist system is for everyone? All the chances are for those who want unhampered growth Performance is a universal value Legislation is only advantageous for a few But of course you have good intentions Sleep well, dream n...


Stell dir vor die zeit steht still sekunden Werden zur ewigkeit so passiert in den köpfen Im dreiaffenland zeitstillstand seit 80 jahren Hier im dreiaffenland verdrängen, vergessen vertuschen und verherrlichen 

Dud Shell

I want a dyke for president Someone with aids who grew up in a place full of toxins Without a choice about getting sick But he is always a thief and never caught I want a president who is not lesser of two evils Who was sexually harrassed and deported So...


How to still have strength to fight When barely surviving is an everyday fight Artillery aimed at those who are already on the ground Don't you be afraid, we will do you no harm The poison in your veins will do you no harm Another flame unwittingly exting...

Minimum Existenz

Reduced to our functionality we shall live our lives Waiting for salvation in the after life Don't want to be a slave like one of the living dead Needs replaced by commercial illusion Fears created to keep us down Prejudices against all foreign enemies C...


Are there different ways of thinking Acting living than the ways we think Act live today so just do it Does Dr. Pepper solve all your problems? Can you enjoy the taste of freedom? We've been branded by all these products With famous names and a lie Make...

The Great Dresden Swindle

Die mär von der unschuldigen stadt mitten Ins herz der bourgoisie vom täter zum opfer Vom mörder zum märtyrer weiss, weiss Persil-weiss so wird geschichte reingewaschen ein mythos Aus ornamenten von revisionisten zusammengefügt Zahlen und fakten so laange...


Took advantage of my unfitness to act or defend myself But the mechanics of inhibition are working inhibition Self preparation in the night Truth returns and I cry out Help no maybe I am psycho just normally insane But I will never call you uncle Go to H...