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Fuoco Fatuo

Utwory wykonawcy:

Endless Rhymes

I feel i'm not myself i'm alone everything i did in the past now it seems so dead and gone only memories in my mind only tears in my memories waiting for the last call for my soul to explode immagini di un tempo passato scorrono innanzi ai miei occhi...

Humana Hutopia

The angel, the angel must die! the angel, the angel must die! this is the story of a man who wants to change himself this is the story of a man... humana hutopia fly high! 

Imaginations from the Other Side (Blind Guardian cover)

Where are these silent faces I took them all They all went away Now you're alone To turn out every light so deep in me Hold on, too late Will I ever see them back again Or did they all die by my hand Or were they killed By the old evil ghost Who ha...

Last Illusion

and so i arrived here to my last tale to tell lost in the dead of the night will i be able to carry on with this strong dark pain of mine will i still try to fight once again a battle already fought will i still try to hear the right words to explain w...

My Shadow's Fate

In the darkness they seem so far away from here nowhere is where i'll find my peace like a punishment the only way to reach another day all alone to find and consacrate my pain all my bright light has gone now to the moonlight through the void of my...

Prelude to the Dream

"il concretizzarsi di illusioni nell'astrattezza di un ricordo. Lo sprofondare in una dimensione sconosciuta ma familiare. Il sentire propri pensieri mai pensati. Il rivivere emozioni vissute... e il sogno ha inizio..." 

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Iron Maiden cover)

Here they stand brothers them all All the sons divided they'd fall Here await the birth of the son The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one Here the birth from an unbroken line Born the healer the seventh, his time Unknowingly blessed and as his...

Tenebra's Dream

This is the story of a man who wants to change himself this is the story of a man... humana hutopia fly high! 

The Mirror (Dream Theater cover)

Temptation- Why won't you leave me alone? Lurking Every Corner, everywhere I go Self Control- Don't turn your back on me now When I need you the most Constant pressure tests my will My will or my won't My Self Control escapes from me still... Hypoc...