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From Beyond Death piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

24 Inch Drill Bit Abortion

a proverbial laxative for the vulva your pennyroyal tea need not apply i don't think you want this but if you insist 

Entrails for Susan

this night my skin has become a stale dull grey the taste in sync with spurratic convulsions crickets chirp to the rhythm of blood trickling down pale thighs left camera pans to two malnourished figures licking exposed vertebrae and suckling decomposed n...

From the Moment

innocence reduced to a fractured husk of this atrophied soul to wilt and collect these ashes in my urn i name you whore the end of this prelude the start to my finale such a grandiose gesture executed by a symphony of dead valentines such a fine wine to...

Mourning Sickness

femme fatale blackout lover crucified sonnets litter the sky tearing at sapphire wombs spilling napalm confetti its all here, black and white: she shows mercy like being fucked with a switchblade forever imprisoned in one grotesque mutation of what once...

Roofie Colada

an anagram of amply fitted pieces illusion to allusion the slow degrade of the piano wire waltz my heart is warmed by the faculties of her skull tones sharpest the convey to backwards speak watch the shingles peel away in the most spontaneous fashion thi...


a rogue sonata to the crescent moon: the fractured gates of heaven stand mocking me objectified/subjectified a la status quo a ravenous aesthetic in a gunshy limbo savour the teleprompted abortion a destitute masquerade of terms of endearment silhouettin...

The Eagle Has Landed

frantic: blood and sweat did you forget? its our madness black: whats left when we rape the white from the wedding guilty: is my verdict beauty: makes me nauseous abandon ship: we all deserve to drown we are the fallen angels its not a test... its lies.....