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Foxworth Hall piosenki

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I wasn't ready when my name was called I always thought that the line was long It doesn't really matter 'cause life rolls on When we're here and when we're finally gone All I know Is the timing's right We're not alone When the sirens fire Daylight's...

The Wolf

You picked some day, to finally find The devil in your eyes, and look inside mine And i'm a long way from paradise I've said goodbye, i'm the boy who cried There's a wolf outside the door And i'm in trouble With every wolf i saw before I didn't last long Su...


From a house made of cards on a hill I'm praying that there won't be wind I've gambled my life with the blood and sweat I give Oooh, oooh I've been waiting, I've been waiting for this Now I have answers for all the days that I have missed Every moment...