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(We Are) The Dead Alive

Panic in the streets - the deads are alive Looking for your brain – our brain Awoken by mistakes – hidden by a lie Expecting your pain Reborn from the grave – we are the dead alive Broken and breathless – we are… Brain dead – brain dead Panic in the...

Deadman's Walk

Crossin’ the seas Ready for boardin’ Me and my bros Will Die Fightin’ the lies Beggin’ for mercy You and your crew You’ll die Remorse is for the dead You’ll die by my own hands You’ll live by my will You will be dead tonight The deadman’s walk K. Störtbecke...

Morituri Te Salutant

It is eighteen eighty eight August at its end Down the streets of Whitechapel Rippin’ her abdomen Poly was the first to die I was terrified Caus’ I cut and ripped her flesh Untill she laid to rest Morituri Te salutant Morituri Soon “I will give 'em a clue...

Room 8

I don’t have to be a hero I don’t have to lie Weapon in my hand Fighting till i die Cause i don’t want to bring My fuckin ennemy down Without suffering Without any doubt My room number 8 Waiting for a sign Spitting my hatred Back to number 9 My head is a ba...