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Mal hajima

Mal hajima jal chinaera hajima

Nan neo eomneun dan harudo ilbun ilchodo

Saragal jashin eopseunika

Ireojima joheun saram mannal kkeora hajidoma

Nan sarangi museowo du beon dashin hal su eopseul geot gateunikka

Imi algo isseo niga hago shipeun mal

Tteollineun ni ipsuri haryeohaneun mal

Du nuneul gama chagaun du soneuro nae kwireul maga

Neoreul butjaba (jjaegakjjaegak heulleoganeun shiganeul)

Idaero meomchwodumyeon modu gwaenchanheulkka

Babo gateun saenggageun heo~ gwaenchanha

Ireohke bakke hal su eomneun nal aljanha

(Mal hajima mal hajima

Ireojima ireojima)

Ireohke andwe eotteohke bonae

Mal hanmadie eotteohke da byeonhae (jebal gajima)

Neo eomneun haru eotteohke sara

Beolsseo geobina nan an gwaenchanha

Ireohke bakke hal su eomneun nal aljanha

Mal hajima jal chinaera hajima

Nan neo eomneun dan harudo ilbun ilchodo

Saragal jashin eopseunika

Ireojima joheun saram mannal kkeora hajidoma

Nan sarangi museowo du beon dashin hal su eopseul geot gateunikka

Nabodado joheun sarammannarago haengbokhage haejul sarammannarago

Ulmeogulmeog neoneun naege mareul hago mogimeyeowa amumal mothago

Neoneun jakku ni ane nal mireonae geureolsurok naeane neon gadeukhae

Beolsseo geobina nan an gwaenchanha

Ireohke bakke hal su eomneun nal aljanha

Mal hajima jal chinaera hajima

Nan neo eomneun dan harudo ilbun ilchodo

Saragal jashin eopseunika

Ireojima joheun saram mannal kkeora hajidoma

Nan sarangi museowo du beon dashin hal su eopseul geot gateunikka

(Hajima jeoldae geu mal hajima)

Tteonajima nal beorigo gajima (jebal, jebal)

Jebal meomchwo dwidorabwa naega itjanha (nareul dorabwa nareul dorabwa)

Bonaejin mothae na uljanha (neo eopshi saragal jashini eopseo nan, jebal, jebal)

Geureojima jebal neoye dwinmoseubeul boijima (neomu geobina neomu geobina)

Meoreojineun neol bomyeon nae maeumdo neol ttaragalkke ppeonhajanha


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