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Divine Disenchantment

Dear God tell me why You've been missing all this time They kidnapped her, They Raped her, Beaten, she finally died Her poor kid was then only ten He called you, He begged you, Believed in you, But yet he stayed alone in his cell Waiting f...


Hide, I know you must feel Tied, in this hole you can't leave Four years old, already in fear No escape, the end is near And in time comes the day When he takes you away And it drives you insane While he touches you again Tired, and his eyes...

Let's Make Money

Hey, Come here with me Show me your people need And I'll realize all their dreams Hey,I know you have some doubts You'll ignore all those bad vibes When I give your leader's bribe Then you'll see, what cannot be Your plebs overwork and don't ea...

Merchants of Souls

The Demon awakes, he wants to fly Looking for pleasure, a vice to hide Sneaking around, tormented mind A woman to hire, easy to find They pretend they do not see All these girls treated like meat Pay now, enter the kingdom of filth Pay now, feel...