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Falling Cloud

Utwory wykonawcy:

Afraid to Speak

Right inside is were I bleed. No visible blood is shed, There is no need. Help me find a piece of mind And set me free From myself. I feel trapped, and I am scared. There's no way out, I'm going nowhere. If you please can do one thing,...

Life as It Is

As the world around us spins, we stay still. As the world changes, our hearts grow old. Years have passed and I am lost, Your flame has died, my heart's grown cold. I dream of the past, how things once were. Your warm embrace on that cold shore. Th...

Locked from Life

If only I could feel the clouds and soar with wings up high, Free in this world, restricted by nothing, I want to be free. To see the world, and experience it's majesty, I want to be free. The light breeze brushing my face will never come to be, Lo...