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As Bright as a Star

I lived breathlessly I sought answers to nonexistent questions I only found my face Distorted, bloated, dying, with suppurating wounds I fell, I got up to better to choir again I sank to my own mediocrity Transforming each smile to empty rictus I carri...

Do Stars Dream?

I feel you in my soul When I look the stars I feel ... not alone 

Fields of Cathartics Souls

I opened my eyes and I saw you eat my heart and trample on my soul I saw you corrupt my blood and leave me dying in the fields of cathartics souls 

Life Is My Scar

Life is like my skin : full of scars and cigarette burns... It stinks alcohol and anxiolytics. And every day, it says .. .("you are nothing ! YOU ARE NOTHING !") 

Of (My) Inner Demons & Ghosts

Listen the song of the razor blade on my skin... My skin has the color of the stone My fingers crumble when I try to caress you You burn my nerves and obscure my vision And you swallow my phantasmes, dancing like a cold & dry butterfly I can't to...

Templo de Luxúrias

Teu templo de luxurias, criações eternas, de revoltas em controlo, descontrolado amassado, para esmagar os corações que se ama, caindo designado para uma ida, acariciando apenas a tua carne. ...Carne sem espiritualismo, o derradeiro... condenad...

There Is Something Like a Poison in My Veins

J'ai arraché mon cœur pour y chercher mon âme mais je n'ai trouvé que le vide. Un vide abyssal. I still have in me the smell of rain And I scream words of silence The nothingness devours my flesh And I watch with attention like a viewer keen for pain My...