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Mot stedet hvor skjbner Motes for a do Faller sjeler fra himmelen Lik stjerner, som sno Her er ei plass for lyst eller glede Kanske ei heller for haplos vrede Pa sorglandets gresskledde skuldre jeg hviler Blant tallose steinminner utbrent og smiler...


Relieve the ache This endless craving for unattainable matters like love... A heartfelt smile Relighting of the fire that once burned ...Or just simple meaning Could I dull it all by removing feeling? What would it be like? And would the price be too h...

Now That I Die

Words fall so weak So fragile Like swords of glass How I hurt Now Bolt my hands That no pain may grow from them Hold me Pain drowns in your arms To mourn is a virtue Mountainous waves Oh wielder of tortures Overflow in madness and in dark Seeth...

Weary and Wretched

The soft refugee of sleep in which I seek shelter When life shines too brightly and rears it's mommoth head It scapes me this night of all Weary and wretched I could need the rest There are creatures waiting there Creatures like you that possess my mind...