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Falkor The Day Before You Came (Cover) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Must have left my house at eight, because I always do

My train, I'm certain, left the station just when it was


I must have read the morning paper going into town

And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I

must have frowned

I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine

With letters to be read, and heaps of papers waiting to

be signed

I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so

The usual place, the usual bunch

And still on top of this I'm pretty sure it must have


The day before you came

I must have lit my seventh cigarette at half past two

And at the time I never even noticed I was blue

I must have kept on dragging through the business of

the day

Without really knowing anything, I hid a part of me


At five I must have left, there's no exception to the rule

A matter of routine, I've done it ever since I finished


The train back home again

Undoubtedly I must have read the evening paper then

Oh yes, I'm sure my life was well within it's usual


The day before you came

Must have opened my front door at eight o'clock or so

And stopped along the way to buy some Chinese food

to go

I'm sure I had my dinner watching something on TV

There's not, I think, a single episode of Dallas that I

didn't see

I must have gone to bed around a quarter after ten

I need a lot of sleep, and so I like to be in bed by then

I must have read a while

The latest one by Marilyn French or something in that


It's funny, but I had no sense of living without aim

The day before you came

And turning out the light

I must have yawned and cuddled up for yet another


And rattling on the roof I must have heard the sound of


The day before you came 

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