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Faithful Breath piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

A Million Hearts

[1] Somewhere in the night I live in the dark Must be a pretty foolish guy Still waiting for you The moon gave us light Since dawn makes you see All over the universe There's no one like you [REF] A million stars shining on Some broken hearts in...

Die Mörderbiene

Meine Bienen sind die besten hier, eigne Zucht. Super groß sind sie gelungen mir, eine Wucht. Nun sind sie fort, sie waren mein Lebenswerk. Ich konnt nicht wissen dass sie gefährlich sind. Gestern fand man zwei am Strassenrand, nah beim Dorf. Zerst...

Don't Feel Hate

There’s one man who tells you the right way to go Please don’t trust in his words He wants to see you up against the man, quite known Come on, raise up your hands Don’t feel hate - There is just no way Don’t feel hate - Got nothing more to say Don’t f...


Once they told a strange legend that our Mother Earth only was the egg of a mighty bird. Living in the eternal cosmos with eyes like glowing fire waiting for the day the egg would burst. But no one thought this tale was true that the day would come wh...