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Failure Anthem

Utwory wykonawcy:

3 AM

She can see the shame written on my face I've been caught in my lies Like fingerprints at the scene of a crime It's 3am in the pouring rain Racing down the highway I jerk to the left I swerve to the right That's when I heard her say Fire away (one las...

Here For Good

I know your past, I know your dreams I know your flaws, and everything between I know it's hard for you to let go But there's something you should know There's gonna be waves, there's gonna be storms But we carry on We've all got our fears, we all have o...


Floating away, drift into a distance watching people fade. I wish I would've known. I'd jump into the future and let it all go. I thought I had it all But when I saw your face I watched my kingdom fall. No more time to waste. Life started over. Now I'm...

The Ghost Inside

You're never gonna kill me It's been a long 3 years Filled with pain and full of tears You forgot what it's like to fall asleep at night It's a funny feeling Regret can make us feel insane And at the end of the day At least you feel something Everybo...