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Fades Away piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Choir of failure

Take all the filth that remains And make me new inside, make me new inside The lions are hungry tonight Hear my cry, hear my cry I'm transfixed by your beauty Your gaze upon me Your lips whisper my name Ever so gently You promised me the world You tw...

Not Ready To Run

What a messed up place we live in, It's an ever raging battle that we'll never understand. So many questions without answers, Are we alive or just existing in this desert wasteland? Lying awake at night, Wondering what we've become. I'm not ready...

Right Now (We'll Stand)

How can I face this monster? He's looking right through me again Caught in the midst of the fire. Don't even try to pretend That there's even a single shred of hope left for me This pathetic excuse of a plan Will right my ending. Do I look like your he...