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Fabolous Ghetto Fabolous

Utwory wykonawcy:

Click & Spark

[D.J Clue + Fabolous] D.J Clue, Desert Storm You know how we do things (uh) Right now (uh), whachu bout to hear (uh, yea) whachu bout to witness [Fab] F A B O L O U S [Clue] (O L O U S!) [Clue] Come on, my man Fabolous (uh, yea, uh) the album, Ghetto Fabolous...

Get Right

[Verse 1] Yo, yall gon' hear this in the nightclubs for a year When the song go on, throw on, ya tight mugs or ya stares It's like Bugs up in here Like Thugs up in here Throw ya fingas up like you gon' snipe slugs in the air HATAS- might have a slight grudge w...