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Fabio XB

Utwory wykonawcy:

Back to you feat. Christina Novelli

Pull me up, pull me down Tide comes in and tide goes out, again Win or lost, and I lose control This current keeps pulling me back to you Pull me up and knock me down No escape, going round and round, again I overcame and I can't say no This current k...

Be my all feat. Linnea Schossow

Waited all my life To get this feeling Searching for a light inside Captured by your fire My soul is healing Now my heart is found alive Stay by my side Don't go far Walk the sky Shooting stars Be my sun Be my all Be my all 

Close To The Stars Feat. Yves De Lacroix

Remember what we’ve been Flying through our love Coming close to the stars Remember life again Running for a light Running close to the sun Follow me Far behind We can fly You are the one I want for life You are the one I want for life No matt...

Make This Your Day feat. Micky Vi

Make your cut above the rest Don’t waste time and don’t look back Move with the flow Self express your higher grace Lift up from the ground Spread your wings and let your mind Open wide and whole Set the fire in your soul Push the button now Make thi...

Stay feat. Adina Butar

Hopeless things we've said, out loud Making sure all madness stops Words are running, through my mind, and make me feel The emptiness of soul, left behind. Every time I fall Your voice is near But in the end you're still not here Every time I try, t...