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I was sitting in a field of pine trees coaxing the words from the earth and the dirt I sought a muse but the words just wouldn’t come It’s been a while since I saw you at New Year holding your breath, your eyes upon the second hand the way you looked...

He Won't Knock

I've been biting down my tongue all through the afternoon But now there's fractures in the glass around the snake pit Cos while you gave your monologues about aiming for the moon I found some obvious flaws in your spaceship And though I hate to blow the f...

Marrow (Late Night Tape Version)

I don't even mind if the angels come by take my arms in their arms draw me out above the neon wild where I I dissolve, I dissolve Reeling, my thoughts unwind they trail off in a line there's buzzards in my head where there once was a fire and spa...