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Bury the Dead

Bury the Dead We are being slain all day long We are looked upon like sheep to the slaughter Drink from the cup, Do not hesitate Let the dead, bury the dead. Obedience, Fear, Pray Obedience, Fear, Pray (Repeat) 

Clearly the Son of God

Clearly the Son of God From noon onward, darkness swept the land A voice cried out, Carried over the sands The curtain torn in two, Earth quaked Sleeping saints awoke, coming out of their tombs Clearly the Son of God, Clearly the Son of God Clearly th...

To Rise Again

To Rise Again Dead are judged by the scrolls Dead and neither they arose Hurdled into a pool of fire Among the living no blasphemers or liars Eternal life awaits us all. Be prepared or you will fall, Names are written it is lay. To suffer To die T...