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Approaching from the southern seas Nearing the great shores of Babel The skies of this dawn: frightful Adad rumbled the clouds Everything turned to blackness The lands were shattered The divine kingship retreated To the Anu heaven Cowardly abandoned it...


Mighty city; First of our aeons! Guide us towards the Tower We bring you this gift of divinity; naamlugalantaèddèaba eridukinamlugalla Lower the kingships of heaven Let him walk the paths of the earth Enki – to the temple of Abzu! Let the power to ru...


MARDUK! Thy great god! Come raise our city Thou father once ruled Prepare for our war Against the great Tiamat New winds will blow our city Our holy city The dwelling of their delight 


All we ever loved will perish Only vague memories to remain Into the wounds we made We all shall be engulfed 


Devoid Surrounded by emptiness Abandoned and forlorn Turned to clay Empty lands Flattened We met our demise In this bliss of destruction 


No one equal to him A king so majestic Ruler of these great lands All his enemies shall be yours Assyrians – weak as they were Marched over by this great king