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Eyes in the Void

Utwory wykonawcy:

Death Awaits

The Right The Light Holds you tight Deny to die for your lie Berate Castrate The Callling of my Fate (You) don’t see What Life could be You’re own Demise is written in the skies Hear my advice and leave this idol behind Sin to begin You’r...

No Savior

My keepers are traitors A threat beneath the skin Corrupted Embittered They consider as my sin my faith my freedom were banished long ago I’m stumbling What’s left of me? Now the doors are shut No way Out That was all I found A simple lie When...


Indoctrination Drills deep inside I need to get away But how I could Fall out of the line So I will have to rage You can not save me! So better save yourself! Run! You can not help me! So better help yourself! Run! My eyes are flying I see you...

Words of Violence

New days of modern warfare The law of war comes into FORCE Prepare and show no mercy Just bring your enemies down Strike the bell Bring the silence Something to tell No one’s listening What a burst Words of violence Brace yourselves or die! Is it...