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Agitation! Propaganda!

Silent not quiet, the riot, the city Silent not quiet, the riot, the city Pure of heart, dim of wit Lots of luck, it's all been bad Lots of luck, it's all been bad Silent not quiet, the riot, the city Silent not quiet, the riot, the city Pure of...


Broken Heads Brainwashed Hatred Pulls Me Through In Your Mind Instinct For Survival Censored Views Trick And Confuse It Began Just As I Knew It Would Black And Blue Crayon Scratches 

Children of God

Try, won't you Passing grace like a whore Moses is dead I am widowed from a fixed shape Peace in hell Went away Devil's place Sinner's high Whoa babe I'm not a child Feel pain when I repent I won't 

Kill Your Boss

Kill your boss. Kill your boss. Eat a hot dog oh ya. Kill your boss. Kill your boss. Don't forget the ketchup. 

Left To Starve

I scar my body Like a good boy It takes practice at self abuse Ceiling turns to paper dolls Caught with circles under your eyes I help to blind you I help to see the truth Worried Hold me down 

New Orleans Is the New Vietnam

Uptown mess, downtown wreck Frostbite sweat, your guilt on fire ! Uptown mess, downtown wreck Your guilt on fire ! Shoes don't fit, I don't fit East bank mess, west bank wreck Shoes don't fit, you don't fit This shit don't quit, we don't fit Put down,...


When I'm with you I'm falling Peace is a word of the sea and the wind Peace is a word of a day without end Searching for a new dawn I dwell in the unrest Violence breeds peace Through chemicals and meditation I find my self Denying society and the la...

Ruptured Heart Theory

2 Alive Miscellaneous Tell It To My Heart Tell it to my heart tonight Baby hold me tight Tell it to my heart tonight Baby hold me tight Get up and moving around Would you, would you step by my side I can't go on like that So what, so what, we'll try...

Sister Fucker (Part I)

Screw mommy; mommy screwed Lick golden sky (her eyes look) like rain My sight sees stormweather Weathered like wood Peer into glass yellowed Curtains stained with smoke Meloncholy crush (on death) In love with hurt (breaking up) the rust Burn her Burn her Bu...

Southern Discomfort

Young jaded life slapped you down Heroes have cursed We own God One time the cursed one cry Watch out Chain, broken promise Just my grateful My joke went running Wretched makers you made it Giving it in trespass Cry, watch out, shout out Speak an...

Take as Needed for Pain

Breast Fed From A Dog Since The Day I Was Born Severe Allergic Infektion Lousy Lust Pimp Narcotic Induced Hypo-Thermia 

Who Gave Her The Roses

...she put on some more lipstick her tears mixed with urine drenching mouth and chest through white panties pulled to the side. I love her heart as well as her warm piss and the cuts and bruises on her body, stitches are needed on this holy day the third year...