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Adrenaline Addiction

Getting out of control as the blood flows through my veins breaking all these chains Adrenaline Addiction Lying down on the ground as everything freezes Through my veins... the flow decreases Decreases... Adrenaline addiction It's never gonna en...

Cyberpunk / Ghost in the Shell

Is there a ghost in the shell? Enter digital worlds, a new form of reality Chemicals and electricity, but is there spirituality? Is there a ghost, a thing not physical, how? Transcend into the net, the greatest journey as of yet, NOW! What is real, how...

Into the Net

Doubting your existence, searching for gnosis Into the deep sea of data you will go in metamorphosis Into the net Merging with 2501 to explore what's within it Remaining the same is your ultimate limit, now go… Into the net 

Metal Punk Maniacs

Bang your head Bang your fucking brains out Trash the whole place Destruction Metal Punk Maniacs 


Neurotoxin strangely makes you feel alive Neurotoxin makes me feel like WTF Adrenaline rushing, makes you feel so alive Adrenaline rushing, makes me feel like WTF Violence and blood Sweat and tears Hatred and love Sounds destroying my ears 


Intoxicated in my slumber They appear, tearing my psyche asunder Though they went away as I surrendered Yet I barely remember….. Strange figures, putting a spell I am paralyzed, visiting hell Shivers all over, I've seen the horror Yet in amnesia, menta...

Sea of Information

Swimming in these waters, lead by its flow Diving deep into it, towards the vivid glow Sea of information, unlocking the unknown Sea of information, the truth revealed and shown At the heart of the sea, in this great stream Will I find the answers, or i...

Through the Mist

Programmed into norms, of all different forms, How would one become, free from all of this? Mass deception! In this world of information, in this world of deceit What to trust or reject, what's false and what's real? I must find the answers, see through...