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Forget You Too

Intro: Said you broke my heart Tell me why You’re riding those rumours all around town F* your story… this is mine: I got three words Baby you suck! Verse 1: Cee you know I’m not sorry I quit your a$$ in a hurry Hush with your lies because honey...

Invisible Scar

She was only young and ohhh A pure perception of the world Until the day her faith in love came crashing down so slow She didn't know what she done wrong She thought your love for her was strong She never thought her trust in you would come crashing down...


Remember when I was a little girl Mama, she told me that I'd fall in love Ain't no better feeling in the world And you'd know it when you'd find the one It kept me wondering now I'm grown With a heartbreak history Will I ever know what mama told? 'Cuz love to...