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[VERSE 1:] oh man, it feels like im losing control forgot what its like to rule my world she got me and she got me good i dont even wanna hang around my boys [PRE-HOOK:] i used to say im not that kinda guy i dont do love, dont waste my time but lately...


From concealing shadows The blackest depths The chilling slither heard from down the corridor You see the Serpent, don't you? Look in its granite eyes Wrapping around my throat and bearing fangs towards me Piercing, sinking, deep into my flesh Bitten,...


I've cast off the moral chains That hold fast your ambition Using my soul as tinder I've set my spirit ablaze Life offers up the cup of existence to all Am I so wrong for taking full advantage and drinking deep? If our experiences make us who we are Th...


Cries in the night, a welcoming into the Insanity, pervading throughout A parallel realm, as true as the waking world Come with me, into the darkness, blind This mirror world, unflattering imagery Of the evil, within your very soul Trapped in itself, no...