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Dim be the awakening
Fragile be the Light
Worn be the delivered
By the perpetual night
Endless be the journey
Ailed by many blind
Path of tribulations
Leaving her plagues behind

Turning the back now on the many
Fingers pointing at the few
Unmerciful retaliation
Behold the many new subdue

Reigning harlot, king of all
Great deceiver of worlds
Reigning harlot, king of all
Megalomania reduced to nothing
Reigning harlot, king of all
Meet the bringer of Light
Reigning harlot, king of all
See your tower turn to ashes

Penintent awakening
Shackled wrath made free
The hierarchy of treachery
Now plead forgiveness cowardly
Her pitiful inhabitants
Spread over the worlds
No one will will hear their foolish wailing
No one will understand their words

Children of harlotry now grovel
Their hands would never touch the sky

Reigning harlot, king of all
Great deceiver of worlds
Reigning harlot, king of all
Megalomania reduced to nothing
Reigning harlot, king of all
Meet the bringer of Light
Reigning harlot, king of all
See your tower turn to ashes

Hideous awakening
As flames cleansed their world
Come forth retaliation
Age of vengeance, come forth

Never again shall the deceitful
Capture this kingdom of the true

Reigning harlot, king of all
Great deceiver of worlds
Reigning harlot, king of all
Megalomania reduced to nothing
Reigning harlot, king of all
Meet the bringer of Light
Reigning harlot, king of all
See your tower turn to piles of ashes 

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