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Body Blues

tears started fallin coz I’m feelin that pain I got the blues coz I ain’t got a man I’m sittin here in this house like a damn fool I know one thang I don’t know what to do I can’t get sleep can’t sleep at night at all can’t get you out of mind coz I...

IMO B Better

ain’t got no money and I ain’t got you but I know one thing I got the blues guess this time you ain’t comin back why you do me baby do me like that Imo b better just you wait and see Imo b a better me I must admit I can be mean sometimes but baby I wan...

Mr BB King

Get up take a shower coz it's time to go Here we go again it's time to hit the road We're headed up north to San Francisco Just me and the band a few of my kin folks I look to my right and who did I see Who did I see The sun is shinin all in my face Cou...

This Is My Party

Gotta couple of friends over seas Travel the world, u know me U know us, tour bus, ridin plus, What's the rush slow down matter fact stop right here Gettin a lil bite meet a few peers Take a few pixs bathroom break Back on the bus yea 20 minutes late...