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Let me try to discomfort you

Let the others do same things with you

we'll see who's failing

and who's doing fine

You like competitions

I know it cause your

shallow lakes reflect shades of what's left of your names

I'll run away

I'll mix in with the foreigners

I'll come back when the horizon clears up

I'm a drag addict

I won't be able to fear your fears

You'll probably stop when blood Interferes

with blue threads from the liver

with hands washed in quicksilver

the color

the one that sets the rules

sets the rules on fire

I see it in your eyes

I don't think I'll fit into your dream

Of perfect order and everything still

I won't fit in I'll bring my chaos along

Taking you further

Teaching you havoc

Taunting the birds

To bring you the message

Life's too exhausting and

That makes you untouchable

Death's so insignificant

And that makes me too play the game

Blood's so wasteful and

Flesh is too repulsive so

So what else is there to enjoy

But getting rid of it all

There's no space for compassion

At least the bones still hold

They don't have to avoid

Meeting eyes

Keeping track of the light years

Aren't we just wasting time

Is there really something to bow down to

You being untouchable

Means I'm unforgivable

It's all to forget about

Still you do play the game

I see it in your eyes your eyes

They're dying slow deaths

See for yourself

I'm on your side

Seal yourself off

I will not die

Nobody gets lower

Nobody shuts up

Strangely though someone's for hire

When others are left to get by

Spread wireless the virus

Leaves a blank space the shape of a split mirror


To polish

My sick soul

Then demolish it all

Nobody wants to take control

everyone wants to be free

from fever that comes from knowledge

and photographed by the above

Can I get the picture signed

one more time

and get back what's mine

I've left my parts here long ago

didn't think of coming back

but it seems that

I fell right in again

I'm stuck in here for long

For as long as it takes

the war to be forgotten about

The rumors have it

that new clouds are now carved

You've come home only

to find that your boundaries

have eaten your soul

you now stand for all the hate you love

and everything you're bargained for

Irresistible to some

Annoying to others

Driven by the winds

Caught inside the fins

Relying on weather

To smooth out the leather

On you

Only to soak and freeze the triggered hands like frozen brush ends dipped in red paint dripping down as they thaw forming figures out of splashes turning back to shatters of dried blood

Irresistible to some

Annoying to others

Driven by the winds

Caught inside the fins

Relying on weather

To rip out your studs

Then sun will lick the foreign waters off the mud and

Cut through all the layers of their tender faces.

So I'll dust off the only line the bending's left to start with as I continue to erode my sense with silence.

Each second here is worth a million later I took a dive and sank into the ground

The figures rising they seem too harmless

They seam too instant they sound too faithful

I've cracked them open but they're empty inside

They sound like vultures approaching their dead

They fear and worship the early meanings of older sayings and shout them out loud

Deep in the lost and found with bad intentions

Stuck in the classroom all with wrong decisions

It takes a while to judge us by the things that we do unaware of the cause

We only hope it won't lead to collisions with outcome much worse than we can comprehend

Conversation is expensive

What's in a simple talk that is making it so cheap

What all is spun on is the ground of rival comrades

Not very innovative, not too damn persuasive.

Not really entertaining.

This sky is the roof of our shed decored with vapor trails and ornamented with moving stars, the roof of our portable home.

It's not the best there is but it's the best there used to be.

The waters are still for now but this does not change anything.

A storm starts from butterflies flapping wings.

I owe it two apologies one is for being myself and it'll have to decide what the other is for.

In this atmosphere our birds are never going to fly, our birds are finished.

A Bird of Jove is hunted down by the gunshot, a seagull's shredded by the turbine, a dove pecked to death by the crows.

Those shadows from the image tube

Are rippled by the heated air

The images are dark and foul

But there's still no one with a better taste

Cause I adore the sun

and yet I see more clouds

I don't need to sense the presence of muted dialogues in wintercolor while the coldest waters save us days to come back and live state all your executives and all that's left there I hear them calling

I'll be there soon

I'll move by rolling over

the sounds they're faking

you hear them too, ones that built those firing tubes with

Too much on their minds to fall asleep asleep at the wheel

With each second closer to the core.

What all is spun on is the ground of rival comrades

Not very innovative, not too damn persuasive

Not really entertaining

This sky is the roof of our shed decorated with vapor trails and ornamented with moving stars

the roof of our portable home

It's not the best there is but it's the best there used to be

The waters are still for now but this does not change anything

A storm starts from butterflies flapping wings

I owe it two apologies one is for being myself and it'll have to decide what the other one is for

In this atmosphere our birds are never going to fly, our birds are finished

A Bird of Jove is hunted down by the gunshot

a dove pecked to death by the crows

a seagull's shredded by the turbine

a bird of paradise has had a heartstroke 

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