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Colobar Behind the Veil of Oblivion tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Something worries my night dreams

Something dipped in my memory

Scattered pieces from the past

like birds spinning 'round my head

My restless soul, sunk in darkness,

is still searching for the final peace

Exile to the end of the days

And even on knees, it can find the power

Even under the weight of a curse, it knows,

but all those years of doubts have endowed it with life

Decayed love is wilting in the increasing passion's will

The human faith and honor are rotting now in the vanity

I live among goggle souls, breathing timidly from the sin

My broken wings are bleeding wounds,

thirsting for flight above the sea

And even dust of thousand nightmares

wrapping in mist the light

(Wrapping in mist the light, yeah)

Roaming the desert skies,

my soul will endure the storm of time

In the dirty hole of our blind trust,

we put the dreams for our way

Deaf for the wails of our soul,

burdened with the games we play

With sly smile of pleasure, we are calling for the future flood

Messed up our wicked hands with an innocent pure blood

And even dust of thousand nightmares

wrapping in mist the light

(Wrapping in mist the light)

Roaming the desert skies,

my soul will endure the storm of time

[IN FRONT OF THE GATEWAY - Instrumental]


Slinking in your mind like stealers, killing silence without fear

Undisturbing from the senses

Like painters from nowhere using pictures from the past,

they create a new reality

You are flying in the sky, you are running, they decide

And now you're part of the game

Like a toy in their hands, you are weak without defense

I can hear your scream in your dreams

Dream makers expect all your trust

Dream makers

They build up a new world, unreal but bright

Dream makers are creatures divine

Dream makers

It’s hard to get out of your mind when you sleep

Labyrinths of stones I see, screaming forest comes to me

Sea of thousand evil, gazing eyes

Awakened spell, my thoughts are chained

Echoes of enchanted pain

A faceless ghost is digging my grave

It seems to me I’ve been here

I know this place, but something reveals

A premonition makes me think

How can I fly without wings?

How I jump from dream to dream?

Something's killing me, but I'm still alive

Dream makers are creatures at night

Dream makers

They build up a new world, unreal but bright

Dream makers, they knock on your door

Dream makers

It’s hard to get out of your mind when you sleep

Dream makers are creatures divine

Dream makers

Out of your minds, yeah...

Dream makers (x2) 

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