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Behind Those Mountains

Walking... Wondering... What is there Behind those hills What is there In those lands unknown This is what Gives me thrill Is it there... Any Sun that shines... Or it is Eternal dark Or it is The best thing To just follow Raven's mark Maybe...


Where dead fields widely spread The place of eternal cold Full of empty nothingness Only the house stands there so old In this place so dark and grim Dark and grim as Death Endless layers of permafrost Spread before your head Where darkness take y...

Cries from the Dim Distance

In the distance Silent cries Raising horror In my eyes In the distance Pain and fear Endless sorrow Death is near In the distance Shadows rise Black tomorrow Young one dies In the distance Look unclear Would you borrow Your last tear 

Deeper Than Darkness

Darkness Shines Out of the cold Inner Evil That they hold Silent Screams Inside the void Beyond Horizon Where black is gold Inner... Darkness... Beyond... The silent... Evil... Screams... That Shine... At... Black Horizon! Bloodred F...

Flight of Ravens

Ravens fly above the field No one can stop them No one can catch them They summon that dark times will come But they are free As they can be Flight Of... Ravens! Flight Of... Ravens! ... Ravens fly... In the sky... Fly... Hear them cry... F...

House at the Field

In the mist and cold The old house stands With its secrets and its horror With its black past Still visible scars That will forever last Where sins lie And will never die Inhuman deeds That happened out of sight Frozen blood and traces Remain in ic...

Lost in Lycanthropic Woods

Lost Where Wolfs Live No way back Werewolfs Attack They Kill Everything alive Deep In Black Woods Faraway They Are Here Now Too late to run Wolfs Wolfs You are dead 

Mist and the Waiting Beast

Night... Falls on the land Shadows... Again are send To... Go to throne Where she waits in black Gathering... From everywhere Dancing... In the shadowsphere Waiting... For the beast That will come from mist Now She arrives From The...

North: Forces of Earth Unite

In the North Forces unite All enormous Masses collide Universe They divide Enters Nature From otherside In the North Do you see Northern Lights Their power As it shines Aurora Borealis This timeless bliss 

Prelude to the Northern Darkness

Here I am On this final journey All alone All alone Surrounded by darkness Drowned in fear Will I return Will I return Screaming in silence But no one can hear My last call My last call But still there is something That burns inside I shall go...

Ravens Return

The ravens Are flying Back To the promise land They can Escape the Coldness And the time But he can't Here he stands Alone Under throne Of sadness Of pain With just one wish To follow them 

Sound of the Northern Winds

The Northern winds Blow across the land They give me shelter They are my only friend I hear them flutter In the crowns of trees The everlasting power That only damned sees Dark cold Nature Her unearthly beauty Gives me bliss I enjoy in her lethal...

The Path

And so I walk On this path Someone behind Is it Death I can hear My final hour Ticking inside Reaper's power So now it is time The task has to be done Even If I die At least I will free the Sun 

Under the Godless Sky

Here I stand Once again Under sky And grey clouds Long ago I have prayed But He never Heard my call Now I know It's just a trick Everything Imagination He never was What they think On what they count When they are in trouble Now I am On my...

Voices from the Shadowlake

Once upon the time… Before there was any dark Was there a big battle by the White Lake Thousands of men that fought for their God Blinded by faith Their silver swords where glittering In the light of the Sun above But they did not know That this wi...