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Codi Kaye

Utwory wykonawcy:


Please, don't go away Humanity Please, you're the only Hope for me Wishing, waiting, wanting to take in All of your beauty Please, don't go away, Humanity. Not completely. We kill to save ourselves, How is that okay? We fight, with anyone, Stan...

I'm Losing Myself

Can you take away the pain So I won't ever feel again Cause this hurts, but there's far worse, To come Can you look me in the eye And tell me it will be alright Cause right now, I'm so far down There's no way up So the bruises stay, These horrible st...

You're Not Innocent

It started out at school Always saying she wasn't good enough Rumours spread and stories told that she somehow heard of And then the social network came And it got so much better Telling her to just give up So she listened to the chatter How do you fe...