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Cirrhus piosenki

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All at Once

So much means so little (to me) From the very oldest scar To my finest moment The next thought is always reflective Which is to mote What's lost is found And that is right Everything I do is right 

Among the Detritus

The Nehalem runs through a discordant land Curling, threading through mountains, The place forsakes and is forsaken Lush aura and scent belie dystonic power under root A man may toil here but to one purpose and for one result The sight of a trestle can...

Night Falls and Bestows Insect Fixation

It begins with dense life still dripping Salts in the atmosphere cause everything to prune A habitat unprepared as water is absorbed Signal to divide, the call of realization Where no water fountains, the split is fully dried Space occupied by a vortex o...

Sharpened Spectacle

Sharpened spectacle, spinner of war Cast-iron bravery, menacing nature Mind's heat has spiked, now rising! Clashing of winds, reversal of time Cradled movement, nameless eyes All good things come from the sky To torture persistence And unlearn the way...

Smallest View

To know is to demean And the truth is so raw, it's clean To see it with a crest or plume, Is to know it is inauthentic The real thing has only vapors, fumes And to always breathe the truth Will only end your life early Or leave you damned just the same...

Structure on Earth

Structure on Earth Wind chimes describe me Complete obedience to nature, Reacting instantly to the inevitable There is a nobody in the somebody, Acting instantly to the inevitable Structure on Earth A cure for this atmosphere's Spiritual side effect...