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Cigarettes, Women And Wine

Every human being has a weakness of kind or he ain’t no human at all Every man or woman has some habit you just cannot stall Lots of people gample, and alot of people swear, and alot of others live for TV When it comes to habits I‘m the man who will always suc...

Good Grief Christina

Mmm ooma ma ma, pa pa ooma ma ma Ooma ma pa pa pa ooma ma ma Ooma ma ma pa pa ooma ma ma Ooma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma Good grief Christina How come you never heard of rock 'n roll Good grief Christina How come it never made it to your soul. Took you to...

Son Of My Father

Mama said to me we gotta have your life run right Off you got to school where you can learn the rules there right Be just like your dad lad Follow in the same tradition Never go astray and stay an honest lovin' son Son of my father Moulded, I was folded, I wa...

What's Your Name

See her every morning and I give myself a warning that it's time to speak but when she passes by I just cannot find the words and I feel so weak here she comes walking by again this time I'm not gonna hesitate hold my breath and I count to ten I must ask her n...