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Charles And Eddie piosenki

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Father to son

A single mother Struggles hard Her child's neglected In her own backyard An absent father The T.V.'s on A little reminder That hope is gone At christmas time There will be no tree Just empty eyes And a church meal free Boy to father Father to son In the same...


Wherever you go You shine You need to know You shine Anything you want to be Be 'Cause you give me hope When you shine I remember times that you have helped me out You would always be there for me When my heart was filled with doubt So it's only natural that I...

Would I Lie To You Baby

Look into my eyes Can't you see they're open wide Would I lie to you baby? Would I lie to you? (oh yeah) Don't you know it's true Girl there's no one else but you Would I lie to you baby? Yeah Everybody wants to know the truth In my arms is the o...

Wounded Bird

I'm way too tired to be lonely I spend my days as an only I want to be saved, but I just don't know Alone we've got nothing, or haven't you heard ? I guess we're just two wounded birds Now you're here and we're alone We still don't know what it ta...